January 24, 2011

Congratulations You Are Engaged...Celebrate With An Engagement Party

Allot of our newest clients were engaged over the Christmas season. Some couples chose to kick off their planning process with an engagement party. Anyone can decide to throw the happy couple an engagement party however if you are not the parents of the couple you should ask both sets of parents before deciding to throw this monumental party. (Typically it is the bride or grooms family that throw the engagement party)

While looking into engagement party tips, I found some info that was quite helpful for couples & their families. You can read the whole article here, but here is a brief snippet;

From The Knot, "here are five things the hosts should keep in mind:

1. Give the couple time to breathe
An impromptu family gathering the weekend after he proposed is the perfect opportunity to break out the vintage champagne, but don't schedule an all-out opulent affair during the engagement's first month.

2. Find out the size of the wedding that the couple has in mind
Everyone who is invited to the engagement party should ultimately be invited to the wedding.

3. Consider what will make the in-laws most comfortable
Since the engagement party custom was actually designed to help you start building bridges between the families, consider their style.

4. Suggest that the couple register beforehand
While traditionally guests have not brought presents to this function, increasing numbers do today, and it's only fair to provide guidance.

5. Remind yourself that there is still a wedding to throw
Every host wants to plan an unforgettable affair, but you never want to upstage the main event.

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Until Next Time...Happy Planning

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