September 24, 2010

Happy Friday!

I hope you had a fabulous week and are planning a relaxing weekend and maybe even a party! A key element to a good party, event, or reception is coordinating details. An important detail is signature drinks. Beyond deciding which types of ingredients you would like to include, there are also a few other things to keep in mind.

Season: Consider the time of year when selecting your signature cocktail.  Winter events are complimented well with apple cider or adult hot chocolate; cool guests down from the summer heat with blended margaritas or iced mojitos.

Design: If the majority of the wedding incorporates a specific color or theme, have your cocktail be reflective of it as well.  The options are almost limitless so search on-line, talk to your caterer, or hire me and I will help you create a signature drink!

Details: Take your signature drink to the next level by giving it a custom name for the event.  It can be anything from the place you met to your pet’s name.  Be creative and find something that is representative of YOU!

Here is the signature bar sign from my wedding. It sat in a frame at the bar so the guests could read the drink ingredients. As you can see I played off the bridal something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. We named the something old drink after Don's father so instead of calling the drink old I called it classic :) Our wedding colors were pink and brown so instead of something blue I used something pink! The something new is named after my hubby's high school football nickname the El Toro Blanco which really made his friends laugh and order a round!

Your drink doesn't have to be alcoholic to be unique, look at this a non-alcoholic drink bar with lemon aid, ice tea and water. Served in a cute mason jar (which doubled as the guest favor) with a fancy straw;

Your signature drink can be served a few ways like this, where the guests serves themselves;

Or like I did for a recent bridal shower I planned for Circle The Date Events planner and soon to be bride Kelsey. I hired a bartender to serve drinks and the ladies were served "Kelstini's" aka Martini's. Notice that I lined the rim of the glass in sugar with the coordinating party color and the ladies loved the extra sweetness;

Your drink choices and presentation are limitless. I always head to when I am planning a signature drink for a client. Building off their favorite liquor and event colors we create a drink that is memorable!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning

Credits: Southern Magazine Picture, Elegant Event Planning & Design

September 23, 2010

CTD Wedding: Daisy & David

David and Daisy were married at St. Pauls Episcopal Church and had a gorgeous reception at the Yuma Golf and Country Club. Daisy wore an ivory strapless gown and David wore a classic black tux. Their colors were black/white/metallic green.

Their wedding aisle had delicate flowers tucked in ivory pew bows;

Tall centerpieces made the ballroom even more elegant. When planning a reception in a reception venue with plain walls I like to bring in color on the tables to infuse the space with the couples' colors. I used a deep green silk overlay, silver charger plates and a black chair cover sash.

I folded the napkins long ways on the silver charger plates which is indicative of an elegant setting. I placed their favors on top of the napkins;

Daisy and David's wedding was so beautiful but I would expect nothing else from such two lovely people. They both come from great families and it was such a pleasure meeting them and watching them enjoy such a monumental night! I teared up when Daisy walked down the aisle to David and again when she danced with her father. She is definately daddy's girl and it was precious to see!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning!

September 22, 2010

Yuma Couture Cakes- Cake Tasting

We are so excited to be invited to the Yuma Couture Cakes cake tasting this Saturday, September 25th at the Yuma Couture Cakes design studio. We will be featuring our event cake stands, Cake Shoes, as well as our event planning packages.

If you are planning an upcoming event that requires a cake now is the time to try Jamie's yummy cakes and place your order.

Tell Jamie Laurie sent ya and I know she will squeeze you in....give her a call at 928.580.7463 to book your appointment.

Also did you know that all Circle The Date clients receive 10% off your cake order?! Now that is sweet!!!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning

The 13 Things I Can't Live Without

A wedding planning friend of mine sent me a challenge to list the 13 things that I can't live without to be an event planner. Once I got started I realized it was hard to limit it down to just 13 but here they are in no particular order:

13. A huge bag to put day of event supplies in:
I don't know if its a girl thing but I usually travel with a ton of stuff but event day I REALLY travel with a ton of stuff. I don't have to just plan for myself I also have to plan for my clients, vendors and guests. Recently on a job site I met my match when my fabulous client, Iris, showed me her large Coach bag. I drooled and went to Coach heaven and quickly reliezed its time to upgrade!

12. Monthly massages:
I love my spa time at Lotus Day Spa!I love that feeling when your massage is over and you don't want to move! Ahhh

11. My computer:
Where would I be without my daily chatting with you gals and on my blog. I love using my computer and am always challenging myself to bring that big city edge to our Yuma.

10. My team: 
Circle The Date Events is blessed with an amazing team. What would I do without my overly educated fabulous team. (I doubt any other team has as many MBA's as my team has). From my technical director to my creative designer, a good planner needs a great support team and that's what I have!

9. My comfy shoes:
Like all girly girls, I am a fan of shoes and couture bags, but the shoes I love the most are my event day comfy black shoes. These are my go to shoes as coupled with a smart pair of dark jeans or dress pants they look fancier than they are.

8. Zumba:
If you aren't on board with the latest work out rage then you better get up to speed and fast! Zumba classes will help any bride-to-be get in shape for her wedding day and this planner the time to burn off any stress. My favorite instructor is Tosha Butz, she gets the blood pumpin' and your booty shakin'

7. Quality Vendors: 
Circle The Date Events is blessed to have quality vendors. In a matter of minutes I can set up my clients with  vendors that I know they will love.

6. Magazines:
I love Martha Stewart, so I stack up on magazines by her and other wedding industry related folks. Currently I am enjoying my magazines from favor vendors and seeing the amazing things they have for favors. Its so important to me to always stay on the cutting edge to bring the freshest ideas to my clients.

5. My berry lip shine from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics:
The lip shine is perfect, because it gives me just a hint of color, so I can still feel pretty.

4. My At-A-Glance monthly planner: 
I carry a large binder with my clients information and a second planner with my calendar arranged perfectly for a detail oriented type A person!

3. My website:
I love having a place that I can show my creativity and style. I love having this blog where I can tell you gals what I am thinking and loving.

2. My way more complicated phone than it needs to be:
When I am out and about I am never to far away from my clients as I can keep track of my e-mail communication. I was forced by my awesome gal pals to join this century and text and now I actually don't know what I would do without it.

1. My industry friends:
On a regular basis I am chatting with Tawnee Miller of Serendipity Photography, Kim Garcia of Kim Garcia Photography Jamie Hoffman of Yuma Couture Cakes and Lisa Brazeel of Fortuna Floral. We bounce crazy, creative,unique ideas off each other and I love having a group of industry friends that I can go to when I'm needing some inspiration! I refer to them as my friendors as they are part friends part vendors!

Ok that's my list, now lets hear yours. E-mail me or add a comment with 13 things that you couldn't live without as a bride-to-be, busy party planning mom or wedding vendor! Come on I did it and so can you, so lets hear it!!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning!

Planning A White Themed Birthday Party

One of my clients has asked for an all white birthday party! The scene is set in one of Yuma's hippest venue's. With a modern environment the all white theme will exude class and style.

Here's what I am planning;

Tall belly bar tables draped in textured white linens

Each table will boast a unique centerpiece. Some will have white roses in tight pomander balls and others will be covered in white candles with diamond crystals;

The current trend is to cover the dance floor with Chinese lanterns. I know my modern client will love this effect;

he overall decor look we are going for is sheik modern and trendy. I want the guests to feast on heavy hors'dourves;

I have planned several stations around the room. One for food, one for drinks (with a signature drink) and instead of a typical birthday cake, I am planning a dessert station. Instead of the typical chocolate fountain we will have white chocolate flowing with lots of dipping options for the guests. We will also have multiple dessert options!

I know this party will be unforgettable! I hope you have been inspired. Life is meant to be celebrated! If you have a birthday, anniversary or special event coming up let Circle The Date Events plan it for you! Our party package is just $25.00 an hour (excludes Quinceanera's and Weddings). We help you stay where you belong...with your guests. 

Until next time...Happy Planning!

September 21, 2010

Trend Tip Tuesday

I’m always looking for really great ideas that DIY brides can translate into their own projects. This new trend is VERY easy for brides to replicate. Collect different sizes of vases, buy your flowers in bulk, and keep like with like–a vase of hydrangea, a vase of peonies and a vase of roses. Whether you do a monochromatic theme or a mix of color, this idea can be done quickly and a day ahead. If you are looking to stretch your budget on flowers, but don’t feel confident in your floral skills, this is the look for you;

Being a DIY bride or party host is fun and exciting to create and plan every small detail. Just keep in mind on the day of your wedding or party the last thing you want to do is be running around getting hot sweaty and frustrated ensuring everything is in place. That's why we created the Aquamarine day of coordination package. We will help you stay where you belong...with your guests! We offer a free consultation to discuss your event plans. 

Until Next Time... Happy Planning!


September 20, 2010

Ask A Planner: Help! I Cannot Have A Rose Petal Toss After The Ceremony!

Happy Monday! Not only do Monday's mean a lot of coffee to get you going, but it also means that we feature our Ask A Planner series. Lets get right to your question;

Question: Hi Rie, Congrats on your new blog! I have followed your work for a long time and am a HUGE fan! I have a question for you. I was so excited to book our church and cross a huge item off our list until I realized all of the constrictions that came with it. We are not allowed to have an aisle runner, throw petals, rice or confetti, nor can we blow bubbles. I do not want to sound selfish, but those were some of the things I was most looking forward to having. Any advice on what can be done? Elizabeth H.

Rie: Unfortunately many houses of worship have very stringent rules and there is no way of getting around that. However, you can still incorporate some other fabulous ideas by thinking outside the box. Here are a few suggestions;

    1. If the church is concerned about petals staining carpet, consider using silk petals. The best thing is that they can be reused.

    2. If its a deeper concern, such as someone potentially slipping and they don't allow petals of any kind perhaps your flower girls can carry pomanders instead of flower baskets. Another idea is for the flower girl to start off with a bunch of stemmed flowers in her hand and then hand them off to people on the ends of the aisle as she walks down.

    3. If you were dreaming of the much anticipated personalized aisle runner that many brides want, consider having someone walk down the aisle with a "here comes the bride" banner. It can be customized with your colors and logo if you'd like.

    4. For the picture perfect moment where people throw things like roses and confetti at the Bride and Groom, consider doing bells and ribbon wands. We especially like the ribbon wands because they photograph well.

We hope these suggestions help you Elizabeth, and all of our readers! If you have a question for the CTD team please send your questions to Your question could be featured in our weekly "Ask A Planner" series!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning!


September 17, 2010

Kneaders Fall Deluxe Gift Basket Winner!!

Thank you for participating in our giveaway. After using a random program and choosing the winner...drumroll please it's Heather C who said "I loved the candy buffet, I have never seen a mannequin used that way before."

Congratulations Heather C please e-mail me your address at and we will have the Kneaders basket delivered to your door!

We have so many local businesses in Yuma that are excited about Circle The Date Events and have donated prizes for our readers, we will be giving away another great prize next week. Check back on Monday for the full details!!

Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Until Next Time...Happy Planning


Happy Friday

Every Friday I am going to bring you inspirational pictures that will hopefully push you to think outside the box when planning your next party or your big day! Since this is our FIRST Fabulous Friday Find I wanted it to be special and was thrilled when I happened across Alisha Hurt Photography and found the AMAZING vintage wedding of Megan and Randy.  I love Megan's little cap sleeve on her gown, her short and sassy veil, and lady like gloves. Her getaway outfit is just as lovely and a detail I am glad Megan included.

I hope you have a relaxing weekend and look forward to seeing you back on Monday for more fabulous tips, inspiration pics and trends!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning


September 16, 2010

Penguin Themed Birthday Party

I recently met a very sweet client that wishes to really enjoy her 7 year old's upcoming birthday and has asked us to plan it for her. We asked little Avery what inspires her and she said penguins! I completely agree penguins are pretty inspirational animals!! So with penguins on my brain I am thinking of a black, white and orange or pink color scheme.

For our party favors I am having these adorable penguin cookies made. I am also thinking about a candy buffet...

Look at these adorable invitations I ordered!! So stinking cute!!

Wouldn't this birthday cake I found on Martha be adorable!! We would make the penguins black and white of course. Team this adorable cake up with a custom Cake Shoes Cake Stand and it will soften the hardest heart!!

And the cutest addition to the party in my opinion are these darling little black olives that look like penguins!!

I can't wait to bring you the party pictures!! Our party packages (excluding Quinceanera's and Weddings) are just $25.00 an hour. You can totally afford your own party planner! Let us plan your next party so you can stay where you belong...with your guests!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning

Brittanie's Quinceanera: Party Pictures

I was so very excited to see Kim Garcia  post Brittanie's party and pre-ceremony pictures on her blog. Kim is a very talented photographer in capturing the essence of her clients in the moment. I hope you enjoy these pictures.;

Here is Brittanie's daddy removing her glittery blue sneakers for heels;

Since becoming a mother 7 months ago I can't watch a daddy daughter dance without crying and thinking of Maddy and Don dancing together at her wedding. Thru every aspect of the evening the guests witnessed the special relationship Brittanie shares with her parents. I hope Don and I will have that with Maddy.

Brittanie and her escort Mario (whom I absolutely adored!) surprised the guests with a traditional choreographed waltz which was a tip of the hat to the Mexican Quinceanera traditions while inserting her own style. Very classy and impressive.

The guests really enjoyed themselves and I was dying of laughter as the group had a few "special" dancers who brought their own unique flair to the dance floor!

Here are some more reception detail shots

Don't forget, we have a Kneaders fall deluxe gift basket giveaway going on by posting your favorite element of the party! The giveaway contest ends this Friday, September 17th at noon. Good luck!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning
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