July 29, 2011

Fabulous Friday Find: Hanging Centerpieces

Happy Friday! I hope you have a fabulous weekend planned! I've been having this thought in my head over and over again about taking the centerpieces and suspending them. So I set out to find what was in my head so I could share my vision with you! For me, when it comes to decorating a reception space it's all about tablescapes and allowing your personal style to exude thru flowers. These flowers are taking centerpieces to a whole new level.

If you're like me, your jaw probably dropped the moment you saw this stunning event. This look is created with clear floral vases, each holding one white ranunculus which are suspended in air by clear fishing line. Don't you just love how the beauty of the flower just stands (or floats) on its own? A runner's length of white florals and candles along the table compliment the florals from above.

If your space, and budget allows, this design is something I know you and your guests would love to see. Or, on a much smaller scale this would be perfect for the engagement dinner or even a small and intimate dinner party.

Circle The Date Events has aligned ourselves with the best Yuma florists and with our vision and our florists talent we can create a big city look for your next event! Email me for your complimentary consultation!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning!

*Images via Food+Flower+Style

July 28, 2011

Bite Sized Couture

I am planning a mommy's night out party and am working on my favorite part of a party... the finger foods! As you can imagine I don't just throw some cheese on crackers and call it done, I create little pieces of heaven that remind the guests of my overall design theme. This got me thinking about other life events and the importance of serving the food to your guests that YOU like!

You are thinking to yourself, surely Rie is not saying we should serve something as common as pizza to our guests! Pick your jaws up gals...I am!! If parties are an extension of the hosts' personality, wouldn't it be lovely to see their favorite eats on the menu rather than the standard salad appetizer and steak or chicken entree being served? In a classic case of uptown elegance meets downtown cool, our most beloved comfort foods are ending up on the menus of the chicest of receptions and cocktail hours. You might remember Andrew and Rosa's wedding that I recently blogged about, I ordered chicken tenders, stuffed dates and pigs-in-a-blanket for the passed appetizers during the cocktail hour. It was displayed nicely on the platter and the guests were thrilled such down to earth entrees were served!

But before you think paper plates and Dixie cups, check out these very delicious and seriously styled mini treats from Bite Catering Couture. Menus range from Asian Tapas to California Casual, comfort food to elegant wedding. Even though they are based in LA we can still incorporate their ideas, many of the vendors I work with while planning Yuma events are happy to bring something new and funky in. And as added bonus, your guests will be delighted to sample all sorts of foods so rest assured that this savory event will never have a bland moment. Also, passed trays of food throughout the night means your guests will be able to mingle with everyone unlike a traditional sit down dinner.

If you have a traditional family member or fiancée that insists on steak or chicken then compromise and bring in comfort foods later in your party when your guests are drinking and ready for a snack! Banish those thoughts of boring food from your mind, because a little flavor is on the menu for your next event!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning!

July 27, 2011

CTD Real Events: Seaside party theme

Last week alone we met 6 new 2012 clients! Usually here in Yuma we are booked solid during the fall and winter and we spend the summers planning those events, however, allot of interesting events are happening next summer! As we ramp up for our summer soirées at Circle The Date Events, I had to share with you the seaside themed summer party for Michelle R. As you know I planned events in San Diego, so I am loving every minute of this event scheme. Check out the inspiration board that is kicking off the overall feel of her party;

As I mentioned before, it is reasonable for Circle The Date Events, LLC to plan your party. With our Sensational Soiree packages (non wedding or Quinceanera event) starting at just $25.00 an hour you can plan a fun party and actually enjoy it. Our phones have been blowing up and we are so excited to help so many talented ladies execute a perfectly planned event! We know you are talented but can you pull off your event stress free? Who wants to be running around sweating at your own event! Leave the set-up and clean-up to us so you can remain where you belong...with your guests!

E-mail us at CircleTheDate@Hotmail.com to schedule your complimentary consultation.
PS: A big hello to all of our Alaska readers! We have over 1,500 readers monthly and are super excited that you ladies with the gorgeous Alaskian surroundings are reading about our events!
Until Next Time...Happy Planning

July 26, 2011

Summer Party Trend: Wheat Grass

I am so in love with wheat grass. You can use it so many ways for your party, for example place your seating cards on a bed of wheat grass and use it thru-out your food display table to bring a punch of green color. Here are a few more ideas on how to incorporate wheat grass into your summer decorating…

I used artificial grass for my client's event. I purchased a large section from a local vendor (it's available to rent). The event space worked perfectly for a large square seating plan. I couldn't have my clients guests looking at a large slab of concrete so instead I created a floating island using the artificial grass;

I uplighted the floating island so that when the party went from day to night it was still an eye catching centerpiece;

A special thank you to Kim Garcia Photography for the beautiful event pictures. 
If you like the way this party looked then I am the planner for you! I can help make your dreams a reality. Send me an email to set up your complimentary consultation!
Until Next Time...Happy Planning 

July 14, 2011

Welcome Our New Service Coordinator Erika

If you haven't visited the Circle The Date Events, LLC website in a while, skip over there and check it out. I have added some more of our work (I am still waiting on my latest 4 events) and have also introduced an exciting new addition which is our new service coordinator, Erika!

We first met when I planned Erika’s 2009 wedding for over 300 guests. We "clicked" right off the bat, and hung in for the bumpy ride of planning her wedding including a venue that flaked on us around 30 days out from her wedding (I did allot of drinking over that one!!). Erika and I just kept going and I pulled out all of my supplies to make her new venue great and to ensure Erika had a wonderful wedding day.

From that time Erika has assisted with numerous event productions. She is the hippest chick I know not to mention she's creative, savvy and sophisticated. If you are our current client or a future client you will get to meet Erika and see what I mean! Erika researches the latest and most fabulous event ideas ensuring Circle The Date Events, LLC clients achieve the full vision potential.

A special thanks to Kim Garcia Photography for our professional head shots!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning

July 13, 2011

I heart Kim Garcia Photography!

Have you checked out the oh so fabulous Kim Garcia Photography blog today? If not, check it out here!! Very exciting that Kim would post our party on her blog. Thank you Kim for the gorgeous pictures, and thank you repeat customer, Iris, for the opportunity!

To see my coverage and explanation of the women celebration party click here and here!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning

July 12, 2011

CTD Real Wedding: Andrew and Rosa

I was so excited to plan the wedding of my favorite new client, my brother and sister in law! They thought about how they wanted their wedding day to be and decided on the perfect wedding for them! Although the guest list was small it was beautiful, elegant and full of family infused details.

Their wedding colors were chocolate, gold and red. A beautiful rich combination and I love that even though most people think spring colors for a June wedding they chose what they loved. With that color pallette in mind we started planning! The couple had just bought a beautiful large home that would easily accommodate the 25 person guest list.

Guests were guided through the side gate and floating candles with cherries brought a splash of color to the path;

Andrew and Rosa are travel enthusiasts so I incorporated travel themed touches through out the wedding. Guests wrote a personalized not to the couple on travel postcards and put them into a smaller vintage piece of luggage which was stacked onto a larger piece of luggage;

With the guests comfort in mind, they were greeted by our Circle The Date bartender with a goblet of water with lemon wedge on the rim. The couple met my favorite vocalist, Oscar Chavez and loved him and his sister as much as I do. They really set the mood with romantic pre-ceremony music;

Although the wind was playing havic with my arch material the wedding aisle was beautiful;

As most of us who grew up in the 80's my brother and I loved the Karate Kid. So he walked down the aisle to a song from the Karate Kid, Joe Espisoto's Your'e the Best Around. Hilarious and fitting for my brother!
My sister in law looked amazing;

Even though this wedding was intimate, we included all the bells and whistles that you would find in larger events, so ofcourse that included passed appetizer trays. Staying true to what the couple liked, we served chicken strips, stuffed dates and pigs-n-a blanket. Although it was comfort food when in an atmosphere with elegant linens and centerpieces it gave the food a little pizazz;

Infusing the space with bold color the red linens were the perfect pop of color and the stripe on the linens added elegance;

We had a personalized bar sign created for the couple along with personalized napkins;

When I design a wedding I like for the cocktail and reception spaces to be seperate and a different design look. Guests were invited inside the house for the reception space and I really enjoyed hearing the gasps. The couple and I wanted a very formal but comfortable feel so we chose chocolate linens and used red stripped napkins, which matched the cocktail linens. I hung varying sizes of chocolate, red and gold chinese lanterns from the ceiling. It really turned the room into a formal space;

I uplighted the entire space in gold lighting, but uplighted the sweetheart table with red lighting, because they are...SPICEY!! 

I hung a wreath and crystals from a chadelier to create a personalized look in their sweetheart area;

Their wedding cake looked and tasted so good;

I am so happy that my brother came back from Afghanistan safe, bought a home, found a bride and included his family in his wedding day! It was my pleasure to plan his wedding. And they lived happily ever after!

A very special thank you to Julie Hamilton of Photography by Julie for the beautiful pictures. Check out Julie's work on facebook!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning

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