March 18, 2011

Paint The Town Red!

As you prepare to paint the town red this weekend, I thought it would only be appropriate to give this color the credit it deserves. Always a fan favorite, red is stylish and perfect for making a statement.

Mix it up with these color combos sure to please:

-All tones of deep red-not for the faint of heart but sure to be a show-stopper

-Red, plum & grey-sleek; perfect for an elegant evening

-Red & turquoise-unexpected and modern, mixes well with base colors such as black or white

When you think of red flowers what do you think of?  Ah yes, the red rose;  it has received a bad wrap but there is a reason it is classic.  But rather than doing an entire bouquet or arrangement in roses, mix in calla lilies, tulips, protea and orchids.

Wishing you a relaxing weekend!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning

March 14, 2011

Wedding Guest Etiquette

It may be your wedding day, but it’s better to mind your guests and avoid these common wedding etiquette faux pas…

When planning the wedding details keep in mind that you’ll be the only one to notice if the wedding flowers aren’t the exact color or if the cake tilts to the left, but wedding guests everywhere agree that the following blunders make for a horrible wedding experience…


Bad Timing – Long delays between the ceremony and reception are generally a bummer.  If you cannot book the reception facility immediately following the ceremony, arrange for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at another location or arrange for entertainment for your guests.

Cash Bars – A cash bar is never an acceptable money-saving solution.  You or your parents are hosting the event, so think about this: you would never ask guests to pay for a cocktail in your own home; your wedding should be the same.

Stranded Guests – If the distance between the wedding reception and ceremony locations are far apart or far from accommodations, you should provide guest transportation.  Besides the safety concerns of drinking and driving, your guests should remember what an amazing time they had at your wedding – not what a hassle it was to get there.

Accommodations – Failing to provide information for convenient and affordable accommodations for long distance guests never goes over well.  Don’t force guests to be their own travel agents, and don’t secure the only room block at a 5 star hotel unless all of your guests have 5 star budgets.

Silent or Tardy Dinner – If your reception falls during meal time, your guests will be expecting just that – a meal.  Guests will also want to be fed during normal times, so don’t expect to serve dinner at 9:00 at night.

Ungracious Bride and Groom – Failing to acknowledge any gift or thoughtful gesture with hand-written, personalized thank you notes is always an etiquette faux pas and it will never be forgotten. Be sure to write your thank yous, send these no later than 2 months following the wedding!!

Tacky & Cheesy Festivities – When it comes to money dances, novelty songs (hokey pokey or chicken dance), singles dances or cake smashing – most guests are in agreement that they’d just as soon not see it.  Of course, there will always be those who find these acts acceptable and those who don’t – but as hosts of the event, your job is to make guests feel at ease and comfortable – so best to err on the safe side and refrain from these potential blunders.

At one time or another, we’ve all been a guest at a wedding, and many of us have a few things we’d like to get off our chest. If you’ve got a gripe – please share!

I hope these tips will help you have a wonderful wedding day filled with happy wedding guests!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning!

March 11, 2011

Fabulous Friday Find: Your Bridesmaids Gift

They have done so much for you, not only as a part of your wedding party but also as a friend and confidant over the years. How to even begin to say thanks? Start by presenting your wedding attendants with heartfelt gifts to express your gratitude. I've compiled a useful bridesmaid gifts guide to steer you through the gift-giving process. Your attendants will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Bridesmaid Gifts – What to Spend

Consider both your budget and the amount that each bridesmaid must spend to be in your wedding. In the end, it’s always the thought that counts, but giving movie passes may seem a tad ungrateful if your ‘maids had to shell out $300 each for those couture bridesmaid dresses you insisted upon. Get something that lets your attendants know how much you appreciate them. Generally, spending $50–$150 each is a good amount.

When to Give Bridesmaid Gifts

You can present the gifts during any private moment with your ‘maids. Many brides give them during the bridesmaid’s luncheon or tea. You can also hand them out at the rehearsal dinner, when your closest friends and family are gathered together. Consider presenting them along with a toast, thanking them for their support and friendship over the years.

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Spa certificates: Or plan a trip to the spa, and treat everyone to a massage. Your ‘maids will appreciate the special pampering.

Personalized picture frames: Including an individual photo of you with each bridesmaid.

Jewelry: It can be something to wear at the wedding, but also try to choose something they will wear again. You want a gift they will enjoy that will often remind them of you.

Shawls and wraps: Give them in the wedding colors so they can use them to stay warm the day of. Consider fur or fake fur stoles if you’re planning a winter wedding.

Makeup: Have their makeup done for the wedding, then purchase a few items for them to keep. They will feel fabulous for the big day and will also have something to take with them that they picked out.

Mixed CDs: Full of tunes that hold special meaning, a great extra that can add a nice touch to another gift.

Monogrammed totes: Can’t decide on one thing? Give a fun canvas bag and fill it with several of the great ideas listed above.

I hope this information has helped you celebrate the women in your life!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning!

March 10, 2011

Wedding Day Bridal Accessories

Want to spice up your dress? Define your waistline? Try a sash. I found these handmade custom sashes on Etsy are fabulous!!

This Etsy shop has has some cute little garters. While this accessory will only been seen by you and your groom its still nice to find the perfect one;

Until Next Time...Happy Planning

March 9, 2011

Wedding Favors You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into!

If you are planning a wedding or event here in Yuma and are thinking of  giving your guests wedding favors please heed my advice and give them high quality food favors. I can't tell you how many times I have cleaned up a reception space and boxed up a ton of unused favors for my clients. There are some exceptions to this rule, for instance if you have a drinking crowd the drink koozie customized with your information has been a hit but outside that...think food!

Here are some tips to help your favor be a hit with your guests;


Package a collection of family recipes in a small box with your names and wedding date printed on the back.

Candy Bar

Give out Chinese take-out boxes or small kraft paper bags, stamped with your new monogram, and let guests fill up their own with sugary sweets of their choice — from Old-fashioned button candy to colorful gumdrops, chocolates to gourmet jelly beans — from a penny candy cart.

Wine Connoisseur

Send guests home with mini wine bottles of the same vintage served with dinner and adorned with a personalized label. Spend a little extra and top off each bottle with a silver or crystal wine stopper.

Hometown Pride

Hometown goods such as locally baked cookies, South Dakota inspired goods, candies, or anything sweet that originated in the city where you’ll wed always make memorable favors.

Lakeside Inspired

Saltwater taffy is not only fitting for a summer wedding by the water, it will also make a colorful statement at your reception. Pack taffy into cellophane bags and add a monogram sticker and ribbon for a nicely packaged takeaway treat.

Something Sweet

Send guests home with a jar of honey from a local farm, pinned with a personalized tag saying “Meant to Bee” or “How Sweet it is to Bee Loved by You”

Coffee Lovers

Gourmet chocolate-covered coffee beans packaged in cello bags or patterned organza bags will give guests an end-of-the-evening boost.

Baked with Love

Mini cupcakes — made to look like a part of your wedding cake — are the perfect treat. Get cupcake boxes and let guests package them up or enjoy them right there on the spot.

Seeds of Love

Give out salted sunflower seeds, or roasted pumpkin seeds packaged in tiny tins or bags, and personalized with your monogram and a thank-you.

I hope this has helped you!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning

March 8, 2011

Trend Tip Tuesday: Lime Green

I am in the process of decorating our dream home. I have worked room-by-room to ensure I don't rush the decorating process but really enjoy myself. My formal living and dining room and done in grey and blues and I have decided my pop color will be lime green. Once I decided on this color I see it everywhere.

It got me thinking about you spring brides and how you could incorporate this hip color into your wedding. Green can be dressed up with crystals for a glamorous, glitzy feel or dressed down with ceramic vases and lace for a more vintage feel. Just as I have in my home, use the color sparingly and it is sure to grab your guests' eye;

I hope this trend tip has inspired you! Until Next Time...Happy Planning

March 7, 2011

Silver Wedding Anniversary Celebration

One of my most favorite events to plan are wedding anniversary's. It says allot about two people to make it to a milestone anniversary. My clients, Ana and David are amazing people and 25 years after they said their original "I do's" my team is going to help them say them again. To remind the guests at every turn that this is a silver anniversary I fell in love with this silver/platinum inspiration board. This classic, platinum look is very appealing with the added hint of metallic silver. Bridesmaids will be dressed in deep charcoal dresses w/silver shoes. Groomsmen will wear charcoal suites and white boutonnieres. The white anemone is perfect for this wedding color combination.

Our anniversary packages are $25.00 an hour and include party theme inspiration, set-up, and clean-up. We can even bring in servers to ensure you stay where you belong...with your guests. To find out more about all of our services, schedule your complimentary consultation by calling me at 928.446.8025 or send me an e-mail at

Until Next Time...Happy Planning, 

March 4, 2011

Fabulous Friday Find: 2011 Cake Trends

One of my favorite elements of a party or event is the cake. It is the big statement element that says if you have missed my theme up till now pay attention!! After spending countless hours researching this year's cake trends for my clients here's a great article I found on

Trend 1: Mixed Shapes
Say au revoir to the classic stacked square or round wedding cake. For a truly modern look, couples are going for cakes with with added shape. For a classic cake with a twist, have your cake baker make a three-tiered round cake finished off with a petal-shaped bottom layer. Or, mix-and-match square and round for a bold and funky look.

Trend 2: Tons of Texture

Cake designers are experimenting with allover texture. A big idea: frosting embossed with unique designs, such as the motif from your wedding invitation or the lace from your dress. Also consider a white-one-white cake with simple allover buttercream dots, or a pleated design in your wedding day colors.

Trend 3: Bold Graphic Flowers

Flowers will always be a classic, but trendy to-be-weds and cutting-edge cake designers are rethinking floral cake add-ons by going beyond the classic cascade. The most of-the-moment cakes are accented with supersized blooms — think anemones, dahlias, and mums. Have them clustered on the first tier for a showstopping topper or used as bold accents on each and every tier.

Trend 4: Creative Cake Toppers

These days, the cheesy bride and groom cake topper just doesn’t cut it. Instead, cake jewelry, such as floral pins and heirloom brooches; chocolate molds with your monogram or wedding day motif; and antique cake toppers, like the ones your parents used on their cake, are making their way to the tops of cake tiers. If you’re looking for something a bit more funky, consider a bride and groom on a bicycle cake topper, or a kitschy topper with two love birds.

Trend 5: Calligraphed Cakes

Pretty scrollwork and delicate design isn’t just for stationery. The most experienced cake designers are turning out cakes with beautiful designs, reminiscent of the most formal wedding invitations imaginable. The key to a stunning scrollwork cake is in the color — this design works best with light hues and little contrast. Choose a light blue fondant base for the cake and have your cake baker add scrollwork in white. Or, go for an ivory cake with light brown frosting. While you’re at it, have your baker add sweet nothings to the your cake, like “love,” and “promise” in the same scroll-like style.

Don't forget to order a custom cake stand for your cake. The bulky silver stand is out and customized understated stands that show off your cake is in visit our website at www.CircleTheDate.Org  and click on the Cake Shoes link to view our custom cake stands. If you don't see one that you like don't worry we can custom create one that will be a perfect "shoe" to your cake!

Read more: Wedding Cakes: Couture Wedding Cake Ideas –

Until Next Time...Happy Planning

March 3, 2011

Serendipity Photography Grand Opening

It was such an honor to plan the grand opening of Serendipity Photography and honor the retirement of Jill Jongeward, the original Yuma wedding photographer and icon. I wanted the decor to reflect Tawnee without having to say a word so I chose a zebra print and bright red as my color scheme.

Guests enjoyed wine and cheese light hors'dourves. I put strawberries on the rim of each glass to repeat the red color scheme;

Tawnee Millers' good friend Brianna, created some delicious desserts like regular sized and mini cupcakes and my personal favorite assorted cake balls. It was my first time enjoying desserts by Briana and I know it won't be my last;

Guests enjoyed mingling with each other and touring the newly re-designed studio. Here are some pictures of the new studio (Flowers by Ta Da!).

I was elated that the Yuma Jazz Company played at the event. Steve Hennig and his band are amazing musicians and brought class to the party, which left all of the guests talking!

It was a great night and a amazing way to say goodbye to an icon and hello to an amazing photographer. Please visit Tawnee of Serendipity Photography at 176 South Main Street and check out her work at

A special thank you to my friend and preferred vendor Kim Garcia of Kim Garcia Photography for the beautiful images. To see more of Kim's work visit

Until Next Time...Happy Planning,

March 2, 2011

CoCo Chanel Themed Bridal Shower

I am so happy to finally post what I have been up to which is...allot! Circle The Date Events, LLC has been blessed with some amazing clients this year (and every year!). We have some very unique themed events that I wished I could gush all of the details but that is what makes us a unique planning firm so I will keep the juicy  details to myself, but I will tell you about the Coco Chanel themed bridal shower I am planning for my sweet client Marissa.

From the moment I first laid eyes on Marissa I knew we would click, she arrived to our complimentary consultation with pearls around her neck, Chanel heels and hand bag. I knew right away she was a girly girl and we would have a blast. So we started planning her very girly bridal shower with inspiration colors of black/pink and ivory!

So for you my sweet Marissa and all of my readers, enjoy this inspiration board;

Like Coco Chanel said, "A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous" Marissa is both of these and that will shine through!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning!

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