September 27, 2011

Event Planning Tip: Parking

When planning an event, especially one at a private business or home a common oversight is ample guest parking. As the party hostess it is your job to ensure you think of every scenario your guests will experience at your event (or you can hire us to think of all the scenarios for you!) Make sure your venue or home has sufficient parking for you and your guests!
We have planned enough home events that now at my first on site visit I am looking for a parking plan. Having your guests park up and down your street or neighboring private businesses is NOT a plan, unless you have invited every neighbor on your block or received their permission to have cars in front of their home. Having a planner on the job will ensure that a parking plan is worked out and we have a parking staff on hand with their fashionable orange vests and handy flash lights!

Also don't forget to post VIP signs close to your venue for your sweet grandma or older guest so they don't have to walk far! One of our fabulous clients thought of a cute idea of having the VIP guests put a custom sign in their car window that way our parking staff don't have to stop traffic to confirm the guests' identity. We are the only planning company in Yuma to offer valet parking which is nice in the colder months so guests can drop their vehicles right outside the event space and get inside to the warm party!

I hope this got you home party hosts thinking about this often forgotten topic! Please send us an email if you are interested in a complimentary consultation for your upcoming event or if you need parking or valet attendants.

Until Next Time...Happy Planning

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