July 28, 2011

Bite Sized Couture

I am planning a mommy's night out party and am working on my favorite part of a party... the finger foods! As you can imagine I don't just throw some cheese on crackers and call it done, I create little pieces of heaven that remind the guests of my overall design theme. This got me thinking about other life events and the importance of serving the food to your guests that YOU like!

You are thinking to yourself, surely Rie is not saying we should serve something as common as pizza to our guests! Pick your jaws up gals...I am!! If parties are an extension of the hosts' personality, wouldn't it be lovely to see their favorite eats on the menu rather than the standard salad appetizer and steak or chicken entree being served? In a classic case of uptown elegance meets downtown cool, our most beloved comfort foods are ending up on the menus of the chicest of receptions and cocktail hours. You might remember Andrew and Rosa's wedding that I recently blogged about, I ordered chicken tenders, stuffed dates and pigs-in-a-blanket for the passed appetizers during the cocktail hour. It was displayed nicely on the platter and the guests were thrilled such down to earth entrees were served!

But before you think paper plates and Dixie cups, check out these very delicious and seriously styled mini treats from Bite Catering Couture. Menus range from Asian Tapas to California Casual, comfort food to elegant wedding. Even though they are based in LA we can still incorporate their ideas, many of the vendors I work with while planning Yuma events are happy to bring something new and funky in. And as added bonus, your guests will be delighted to sample all sorts of foods so rest assured that this savory event will never have a bland moment. Also, passed trays of food throughout the night means your guests will be able to mingle with everyone unlike a traditional sit down dinner.

If you have a traditional family member or fiancée that insists on steak or chicken then compromise and bring in comfort foods later in your party when your guests are drinking and ready for a snack! Banish those thoughts of boring food from your mind, because a little flavor is on the menu for your next event!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning!

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