July 14, 2011

Welcome Our New Service Coordinator Erika

If you haven't visited the Circle The Date Events, LLC website in a while, skip over there and check it out. I have added some more of our work (I am still waiting on my latest 4 events) and have also introduced an exciting new addition which is our new service coordinator, Erika!

We first met when I planned Erika’s 2009 wedding for over 300 guests. We "clicked" right off the bat, and hung in for the bumpy ride of planning her wedding including a venue that flaked on us around 30 days out from her wedding (I did allot of drinking over that one!!). Erika and I just kept going and I pulled out all of my supplies to make her new venue great and to ensure Erika had a wonderful wedding day.

From that time Erika has assisted with numerous event productions. She is the hippest chick I know not to mention she's creative, savvy and sophisticated. If you are our current client or a future client you will get to meet Erika and see what I mean! Erika researches the latest and most fabulous event ideas ensuring Circle The Date Events, LLC clients achieve the full vision potential.

A special thanks to Kim Garcia Photography for our professional head shots!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning

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