May 24, 2011

Celebrate Women Party

One of the nicest compliments I receive are when my clients cry when they see a table or party I plan for them and when I have repeat clients. Recently I had the honor of planning a woman celebration party for my repeat client Iris. She invited 25 of her best friends who inspire her everyday to be a better person and invited them to invite their best friend. The party ended up being 50 of the most amazing women I have met to date!

When we were planning the party, Iris asked for a cheese, wine table and a dessert table. She asked that the party be very girly and soft using yellows, and greys. Today I am going to show you the dessert and pamper table;

I had an idea to rent grey linens and top them with ivory lace tablecloth. This wasn't your mamas lace tablecloth this tablecloth had an antique vintage look to it which was a perfect backdrop to add a rustic gate with hanging crystals and candles. One of my favorite touches to my events is uplighting. It completely changes the way a table looks. Notice how I shined the yellow light up the wall behind the table! I ordered 150 assorted flavored cake pops from my amazing cake pop vendor and needless to say they were gobbled up. I kept 50 aside and had them wrapped in clear paper and sent them home with the ladies as favors.

To personalize each table I brought in sayings that the ladies really enjoyed reading, like this one that said "friends are like bras; close to your heart and there for support  :)

I have had this idea for awhile to bring furniture into a party space and create an indoor feeling outdoors. When we were in Julian, California for my birthday I found this antique dressing table that looked terrible but I bought it anyway for $10 bucks. I removed the old brown paint fixed the stool and painted it a soft yellow. I used it to create a pamper station for the ladies. Bath & Body Works lotions, anti bacterial gel, lip gloss, nail polish, nail files and a little manicure set created the cutest pamper station I have seen (if I say so myself!)

Keeping the rustic vintage look I brought in a milk jug with fresh flowers, a small mannequin and a clock under a glass. I wrote "Pamper Yourselves Love Iris" in bright red lipstick on the mirror!

Needless to say, the ladies LOVED the station!

It might be kinda hard to tell from this picture but I openend the bottom drawer and filled it with more yellow flowers which really popped off the soft yellow dressing table;

I can't wait to bring you more fabulous pictures tomorrow of the dessert table and other party details. This amazing event was captured by Kim Garcia Photography. You have heard me say it before but this lady is amazing! If you would like a fabulous event like this, please send me an email at

Until Next Time...Happy Planning!

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