September 16, 2010

Brittanie's Quinceanera: Party Pictures

I was so very excited to see Kim Garcia  post Brittanie's party and pre-ceremony pictures on her blog. Kim is a very talented photographer in capturing the essence of her clients in the moment. I hope you enjoy these pictures.;

Here is Brittanie's daddy removing her glittery blue sneakers for heels;

Since becoming a mother 7 months ago I can't watch a daddy daughter dance without crying and thinking of Maddy and Don dancing together at her wedding. Thru every aspect of the evening the guests witnessed the special relationship Brittanie shares with her parents. I hope Don and I will have that with Maddy.

Brittanie and her escort Mario (whom I absolutely adored!) surprised the guests with a traditional choreographed waltz which was a tip of the hat to the Mexican Quinceanera traditions while inserting her own style. Very classy and impressive.

The guests really enjoyed themselves and I was dying of laughter as the group had a few "special" dancers who brought their own unique flair to the dance floor!

Here are some more reception detail shots

Don't forget, we have a Kneaders fall deluxe gift basket giveaway going on by posting your favorite element of the party! The giveaway contest ends this Friday, September 17th at noon. Good luck!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning

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  1. I love it all!!! You are so gifted. Thank you for sharing your creativity!


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