September 20, 2010

Ask A Planner: Help! I Cannot Have A Rose Petal Toss After The Ceremony!

Happy Monday! Not only do Monday's mean a lot of coffee to get you going, but it also means that we feature our Ask A Planner series. Lets get right to your question;

Question: Hi Rie, Congrats on your new blog! I have followed your work for a long time and am a HUGE fan! I have a question for you. I was so excited to book our church and cross a huge item off our list until I realized all of the constrictions that came with it. We are not allowed to have an aisle runner, throw petals, rice or confetti, nor can we blow bubbles. I do not want to sound selfish, but those were some of the things I was most looking forward to having. Any advice on what can be done? Elizabeth H.

Rie: Unfortunately many houses of worship have very stringent rules and there is no way of getting around that. However, you can still incorporate some other fabulous ideas by thinking outside the box. Here are a few suggestions;

    1. If the church is concerned about petals staining carpet, consider using silk petals. The best thing is that they can be reused.

    2. If its a deeper concern, such as someone potentially slipping and they don't allow petals of any kind perhaps your flower girls can carry pomanders instead of flower baskets. Another idea is for the flower girl to start off with a bunch of stemmed flowers in her hand and then hand them off to people on the ends of the aisle as she walks down.

    3. If you were dreaming of the much anticipated personalized aisle runner that many brides want, consider having someone walk down the aisle with a "here comes the bride" banner. It can be customized with your colors and logo if you'd like.

    4. For the picture perfect moment where people throw things like roses and confetti at the Bride and Groom, consider doing bells and ribbon wands. We especially like the ribbon wands because they photograph well.

We hope these suggestions help you Elizabeth, and all of our readers! If you have a question for the CTD team please send your questions to Your question could be featured in our weekly "Ask A Planner" series!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning!


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