September 22, 2010

The 13 Things I Can't Live Without

A wedding planning friend of mine sent me a challenge to list the 13 things that I can't live without to be an event planner. Once I got started I realized it was hard to limit it down to just 13 but here they are in no particular order:

13. A huge bag to put day of event supplies in:
I don't know if its a girl thing but I usually travel with a ton of stuff but event day I REALLY travel with a ton of stuff. I don't have to just plan for myself I also have to plan for my clients, vendors and guests. Recently on a job site I met my match when my fabulous client, Iris, showed me her large Coach bag. I drooled and went to Coach heaven and quickly reliezed its time to upgrade!

12. Monthly massages:
I love my spa time at Lotus Day Spa!I love that feeling when your massage is over and you don't want to move! Ahhh

11. My computer:
Where would I be without my daily chatting with you gals and on my blog. I love using my computer and am always challenging myself to bring that big city edge to our Yuma.

10. My team: 
Circle The Date Events is blessed with an amazing team. What would I do without my overly educated fabulous team. (I doubt any other team has as many MBA's as my team has). From my technical director to my creative designer, a good planner needs a great support team and that's what I have!

9. My comfy shoes:
Like all girly girls, I am a fan of shoes and couture bags, but the shoes I love the most are my event day comfy black shoes. These are my go to shoes as coupled with a smart pair of dark jeans or dress pants they look fancier than they are.

8. Zumba:
If you aren't on board with the latest work out rage then you better get up to speed and fast! Zumba classes will help any bride-to-be get in shape for her wedding day and this planner the time to burn off any stress. My favorite instructor is Tosha Butz, she gets the blood pumpin' and your booty shakin'

7. Quality Vendors: 
Circle The Date Events is blessed to have quality vendors. In a matter of minutes I can set up my clients with  vendors that I know they will love.

6. Magazines:
I love Martha Stewart, so I stack up on magazines by her and other wedding industry related folks. Currently I am enjoying my magazines from favor vendors and seeing the amazing things they have for favors. Its so important to me to always stay on the cutting edge to bring the freshest ideas to my clients.

5. My berry lip shine from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics:
The lip shine is perfect, because it gives me just a hint of color, so I can still feel pretty.

4. My At-A-Glance monthly planner: 
I carry a large binder with my clients information and a second planner with my calendar arranged perfectly for a detail oriented type A person!

3. My website:
I love having a place that I can show my creativity and style. I love having this blog where I can tell you gals what I am thinking and loving.

2. My way more complicated phone than it needs to be:
When I am out and about I am never to far away from my clients as I can keep track of my e-mail communication. I was forced by my awesome gal pals to join this century and text and now I actually don't know what I would do without it.

1. My industry friends:
On a regular basis I am chatting with Tawnee Miller of Serendipity Photography, Kim Garcia of Kim Garcia Photography Jamie Hoffman of Yuma Couture Cakes and Lisa Brazeel of Fortuna Floral. We bounce crazy, creative,unique ideas off each other and I love having a group of industry friends that I can go to when I'm needing some inspiration! I refer to them as my friendors as they are part friends part vendors!

Ok that's my list, now lets hear yours. E-mail me or add a comment with 13 things that you couldn't live without as a bride-to-be, busy party planning mom or wedding vendor! Come on I did it and so can you, so lets hear it!!

Until Next Time...Happy Planning!

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